Screen Reader Survey Updates

We are continuing to go over the screen reader survey results and have begun analyzing responses to the open-ended questions. The first two questions that we have worked on asked users to list their favorite web sites and sites which they avoid.

Google was hands down the winner with almost 60% of respondents, 671 of 1121, listing it as one of their favorite sites. Flash-based sites were listed most often as the type of site users avoid. It was also interesting to note that several sites prevalently as ones used and as ones avoided. We have updated the screen reader survey results to include information on favorite web sites and sites respondents avoid. We’ve also added a section of quotable comments from survey respondents.


  1. Chuck Kelly

    We are building a searchable web site of Teacher Association contracts that need to be made accessible. We need help figuring out what are the accessibility requirements for this type of document.

  2. Емельян Хохолин

    По большому счёту я с вами согласен. Просто некоторым кажется, что им обязательно надо чем-то выделиться из общей массы. А чем выделяться, это уже не важно.