WAVE Translation Project Begins

WebAIM is excited to announce that we are beginning translation of the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool. There are relatively few web accessibility evaluation tools available in other languages, and we feel that none of them are as advanced or user-friendly as WAVE. The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University is funding an initial translation of a Spanish-language version of the WAVE web-based tool and Firefox toolbar and the development of a framework that will support translation into many other languages. Diogenes Hernandez and Jon Whiting, both Spanish speaking members of the WebAIM team, will be coordinating these efforts.

During the first phase of this project, which begins December 2008, we will develop a framework that facilitates the translation of WAVE. We will then begin translation of the WAVE evaluation rules and supporting documentation. A private alpha and public beta versions of the translated tool will be available in spring of 2009. The final Spanish-language version of WAVE will be released no later than June 2009.

You can help

Although WebAIM staff will provide the bulk of the translation work, you can help in several ways.

Improve translation of the WAVE feedback.
Every WAVE icon has a title, a description, and recommended actions that must be translated.
Improve the accuracy of WAVE rules.
For example, you can help us identify examples of inappropriate alt text (“image of”, “spacer”, etc.) or link text (“click here”, etc.) in Spanish.
Improve the translation of the WAVE site and toolbar.
We hope to translate additional content on the WAVE site and toolbar and toolbar (e.g., help files).
Identify WAVE bugs and offer suggestions for improvement.
While WAVE is a very stable tool, there are still bugs. As part of the translation process, we are going to refine our bug reporting process to make it easier for you to let us know what we can improve.
Spread the word.
We have provided a Spanish-language translation of this announcement. If you are able, please circulate this announcement to Spanish-language accessibility forums and discussion lists and to Spanish-speaking individuals.
Be ready for translation into other languages.
If you would like to help us translate WAVE into another language, let us know. We don’t plan on translating WAVE into other languages until this initial Spanish-language version is finalized, but we would love to hear from you now if you can provide or help with other language translations.

If you would be interested in helping in any of the ways mentioned above, contact Jon Whiting. A Spanish-language translation (traducción en español) of this announcement is available.


  1. Dennis

    Interesting project! I’ve helped “Spread the word” by posting on Web Axe. After Spanish, to what other languages are you translating WAVE?

  2. Jared Smith


    We don’t have a definitive list. It will mostly be driven by those that are willing to help. We will likely start with the most common latin-based languages, but would like to provide translations into as many languages as possible, including Chinese, Japanese, etc.

    Thanks for the posting on Web Axe!

  3. Dr. Gloria Reece

    I used the WAVE Web Accessibility evaluation tool to test my remote web pages (currently in development) for my forthcoming website with fabulous results!

    I’m glad to see this project in-process and that you’re starting with a Spanish-language version. The WAVE tool will be very helpful to me in my work as an educator, researcher, and consultant. Currently, I work with those who have dual sensory disabilities (deaf and blind) who also need to learn more than one language. Those who are associated with my outreach programs often create websites for various purposes. WAVE will also be a highly valuable tool in those settings as well.

  4. David

    Well, I can see that it’s been a very long time since the last post here. I was wondering what the status of this project is now and how or if anyone might be able to offer some volunteer help?

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    Translation really helps people in other places in many ways may it be online or in daily events. I hope for your project’s success.

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