Experiences of Users with Disabilities
Video Transcript

Amanda: Vision Disability
When I was fourteen I lost my sight and I just remember surfing the Web and it was just so much easier and I liked to get on it so much more. And now it's just so frustrating because You can't see the graphics and what's going on sometimes. It's just frustrating.

Quinn: Vision Disability
I use the Internet connected to school subjects quite often. And I use it for projects and tests. But also one of my most recent projects, the only way I could get it done was to go to google.com All the other recommended Web sites were not very accessible.

Derek: Auditory Disability
Without captions it's hard to understand what they're doing. I just have to try and make it up. With captions I know exactly what's going on, I know the specifics of what they are talking about.

Brandi: Vision Disability
It's kind of hard to be required to do something and not be able to do it, and you have to find someone else to come and help you do it on their own time.

Jordan: Motor Disability
And I can't navigate by myself, and I like to be independent. It gives me a feeling of pride. And it is also slower if somebody needs to help me, which they would.

Quinn: Vision Disability
And something that would help out a lot of visually impaired people is just for that person to go the extra step, which isn't much at all to make the Web sites accessible so that we're able to do our assignments.

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