The User Perspective - Curtis

Curtis Radford: (Voice of Jonathan Webb, interpreting for Curtis Radford): If a person refers to me as being disabled, it doesn't offend me. I feel that, yes, I guess, technically I am disabled. I have an inability to hear. However, we're more of a linguistic minority.

Narrator 2: This is where the sound begins.

Curtis Radford: Oh, really. I wouldn't have even known that. I would have just been aware of the visual picture but not of the auditory stimulus. So it seems like there is some kind of interaction or swapping that takes place here.

Computer program: Then two goes from high concentration in the alveoli to low concentration and occupies the seats of the bus.

Curtis Radford: And then it looks like, I guess this is going into the heart and then it's passing out another section of the heart. That sign is hard to read. I'm guessing that they are speaking as to what is going on, but again I'm unaware as to what they are saying. And I have the responsibility now to assume what I'm being instructed on. There's a lot of guesswork involved in this. As I looked at the program I found it interesting. There was a lot of information that I was able to read due to the text. There was also a lot of graphic images, and because of those things I was able to assume what was on there. A friend of mine who is hearing was able to tell me that there was spoken information on there. It didn't seem to include everything. There were some important bullets though, I believe, and some of the parts where they had some audio types of instruction. It was more of a puzzle that I had to put the pieces together to try to figure out what it was meaning. I think that the most important thing that's done is that when there is a voice on the video there needs to be captions. You know, there doesn't need to be this fancy art or these extravagant graphics. It's just that everything that's said, they just need to caption it. We need access to that, and it's just that simple. I don't have any mental problems. I'm not mentally slow. I don't have any disabilities. I can think. I can read. I can write. I can do anything that anyone else can do except for hear. And I want that person to respect me, and I think that that would solve a lot of problems.