A Personal Perspective - Gordon

Gordon Richins: As an individual with quadriplegia that uses a computer both for pleasure and at work, I find it very frustrating to surf the Web, go to different web pages for different reasons both here at work and at home. I've tried using a mouse and my arm... the fatigue after a few minutes gets to where it's more bother than it's worth. So I use a mouth stick, which works effectively to get around on a computer, but it doesn't help me if I'm on the Internet. When surfing the Web I find it difficult because many web pages are inaccessible without the use of a mouse, which requires tabbing from link to link to link. Many of the pages I can get quite a ways into the page. Some pages I'll get to a link or two and it will just freeze up. Okay, I'm stuck. The educational environment and to an extent the business environment haven't made it a priority to make the Web accessible to individuals with disabilities.