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WebAIM Staff

Cyndi Rowland, PhD - Executive Director

Phone: 435-797-3381
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Bio: Dr. Rowland is the associate director at the Center for Persons with Disabilities. She currently directs projects that focus on the development and use of accessible technologies. WebAIM is one such program. Dr. Rowland began WebAIM in 1998 with federal funding and has worked to sustain the excellent contributions of this group over the years. Dr. Rowland is extensively involved in the National Center for Disability and Access to Education where she is the chair of the Technology Institute. Dr. Rowland is considered by many to be an expert in accessibility policy and law. She has worked extensively with education systems in transforming their practices to those that are accessible. Dr. Rowland has presented to over 90 groups on accessibility, and writes on topics of interest (currently the impact of accessible design on individuals with cognitive impairment). She has written over 30 articles on the Web, in journals, and in books. Dr. Rowland has taken leadership roles in 25 federal and state contracts and grants. She looks forward to a day when she is unemployed because the Web is a space that can be accessed by all.

Jared Smith - Associate Director

Phone: 435-797-7024
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Bio: Jared Smith is the Associate Director of WebAIM. He is a highly demanded presenter and trainer and has provided web accessibility training to thousands of developers throughout the world. With a degree in Marketing/Business Education, a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, and over 13 years experience working in the web design, development, and accessibility field, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is used to help others create and maintain highly accessible web content. Much of his written work, including a broad range of tutorials, articles, and other materials, is featured on the WebAIM site. Jared is active on twitter at @jared_w_smith.

Jonathan Whiting - Director of Training and Evaluation

Phone: 435-797-8284
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Bio: Jonathan Whiting is the Director of Training and Evaluation at WebAIM, based at Utah State University. His main passion is helping others learn to make the web more accessible to people with disabilities. Jonathan is also currently involved in the GOALS Project, a program to assist institutions of Higher Education in improving their accessibility system-wide. With a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and over eleven years of experience in the field of web accessibility, Jonathan has published dozens of articles, tutorials, and other instructional resources. He has traveled extensively to train thousands of web developers and other professionals who develop or maintain web content.

Tom Galloway - Director of Software Engineering

Phone: 435-797-0974
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Bio: Tom Galloway is the Director of Software Engineering for WebAIM. With a degree in Business Information Systems and over 12 years of professional web development experience, he offers a broad knowledge base of today's leading technology standards. He is highly skilled in several development languages and database platforms including PHP, JAVA, Javascript, MySQL, and Postgres. He has a strong e-commerce background and has developed and managed development teams on both small and large scale applications.

Denise Knight - Administrative Assistant

Phone: 435-797-2017
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Bio: Denise Knight is the Administrative Assistant for WebAIM. She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Education and has worked at the Center for Persons (CPD) since 1993. Mrs. Knight has assisted the WebAIM project since 2001. She coordinates all reports, travel, and invoicing for WebAIM. Mrs. Knight oversees the payment and delivery of WebAIM products ordered through the WebAIM Web site. She is also the point-of-contact for WebAIM training and service invoices.

Caitlin Messick - Administrative Assistant

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Bio: Caitlin Messick graduated with her Associate’s degree from USU-Eastern. She met her husband at USU-Eastern and they decided to move to Logan. She loves learning, and is currently attending Utah State University and working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Family, Consumer, and Human Development. She is currently working as the Administrative Assistant for WebAIM.

Brock Taylor - Software Engineer

Phone: 435-797-0974
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Bio: Brock Taylor works as a Software Engineer for WebAIM. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Management Information Systems and has been doing professional web development since 2009. He has a broad range of experience and knowledge of many development languages and technologies. His strengths include JavaScript, C#, T-SQL, PHP, and MySQL. He loves to learn new things and tackle new challenges. In his free time Brock enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, and playing disc golf. He is also fluent in Spanish.

Brett Allred - Evaluation Specialist

Phone: 435-797-8284
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Bio: Brett Allred recently joined WebAIM in October to help with website evaluation. He is a senior currently attending Utah State University studying Management Information Systems. Brett plans on graduating from Utah State this spring and continuing his education and work in web development.

Karl Dyches - Software Engineer

Phone: 435-797-8284
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Bio: Karl is a student at Utah State University and is studying Psychology as an undergraduate. He has worked for software and hardware companies such as InMotion Software and Treehouse labs. There he was a QA director and managed social media. Karl started working for WebAIM in November of 2014. Here he assesses and writes up reports for the accessibility of website and how to make them more accessible to people with disabilities.