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Accessible Documents: Word, PowerPoint, & Acrobat

Course Overview

This independent-study online training covers principles and processes for:

  • Creating accessible document content and structure in Word & PowerPoint.
  • Evaluating the accessibility of well-structured Word & PowerPoint documents.
  • Optimizing the accessibility of PDFs exported from well-structured Word & PowerPoint documents with Acrobat.

This course is designed for adult learners that have experience creating Word & PowerPoint documents. Web development or design experience is not required.

New cohorts start on the first Monday of each month unless there is a U.S. holiday that week. For details, visit WebAIM's Online Course page.

Course Format

This video-based training is delivered through the Canvas Catalog learning management system. The course features 33 Learning Activities with an average video length of five minutes.

I liked that you provide both a video and text version of each lesson. I could watch the video then easily find the information in the text if I needed a refresher.
October 2020 Training Participant

The course is structured into four Modules:

Module 1: Document Content

Objective: Review basic principles and processes for creating accessible document content in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

  • Section 1: Overview of Document Accessibility
  • Section 2: Images
  • Section 3: Hyperlinks
  • Section 4: Contrast & Color Reliance
  • Section 5: Simple and Clear Writing, Readability, & Legibility

Module Two: Document Structure

Objective: Review basic principles and processes for creating accessible document structure in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

  • Section 1: Headings in Word
  • Section 2: Layouts, Reading Order, & Principles of Accessibility in PowerPoint
  • Section 3: Lists & Columns
  • Section 4: Tables

Module Three: Evaluating Accessibility & Creating PDFs

Objective: Review processes for utilizing built-in accessibility checkers and an evaluation checklist, installing Adobe PDF Maker, and exporting PDF documents.

  • Section 1: Evaluating Accessibility
  • Section 2: Practicing Evaluation & Repair
  • Section 3: Creating PDFs

Module Four: Optimizing PDFs in Acrobat

Objective: Review how to configure Adobe Acrobat Professional, and how to use it to optimize a PDF exported from a well-structured Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document.

  • Section 1: Introduction to Optimizing PDFs
  • Section 2: Check Accessibility
  • Section 3: Reading Order Tool
  • Section 4: Content and Tags Reading Order

One new Module is opened each week, and participants have 60 business days (excluding weekends & US holidays) to complete the course.

Course Assessments

Participants demonstrate their mastery of the course materials through multiple-choice assessments. Each Section of the course has a Quiz with between four and eight questions based on its objectives. Each Module has a ten-question Exam that randomly selects questions from each of the Module's Section Quizzes.

Certificate of Completion

Participants can earn a Certificate of Completion by meeting the following requirements:

  • All Section Quiz scores are 100% (with unlimited retakes).
  • All Module Exam scores are 80% or better (with one retake per Exam).

These certificates allow individuals and/or organizations to document training and proficiency in creating accessible web documents in common formats.

This course was excellent. I have been struggling alone for almost a year teaching myself how to do accessible documents. This course taught me so much more! Thank you for the easy-to-understand training, complete with pictures. I enjoyed working through it at my own pace.
October 2020 Training Participant

Course Enrollment and Pricing

The course fee is $125*. The Canvas Catalog system allows individual participants to self-enroll in the next available cohort.

People with disabilities may enroll in the course without cost through our Scholarship Program.

*All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Group Training Options

Group Enrollments

Organizations qualify for a discount when they purchase enrollments for groups of 100 or more participants. WebAIM provides these groups with pre-paid enrollment codes, allowing individual participants to self-enroll in a public cohort over a twelve-month period. WebAIM will also directly enroll a group of 20 more participants in a private cohort.

Group Pricing

Group Size Enrollment Fee Discount
100 to 250 $100 each 20%
251 to 500 $75 each 40%
Over 500* $50 each 60%

*Clients that purchase over 500 enrollments receive additional support services:

  • Enrollment period extended from twelve to eighteen months.
  • Direct enrollment of participants into public and/or private cohorts.
  • Reporting on participant outcomes available online.
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