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Accessibility Training

Since 1999, WebAIM has provided training and technical assistance to tens of thousands of web professionals from organizations throughout the world. Below are a few of the ways we can help you with your training needs.

Hosted Training

WebAIM's hosts various in-person and virtual training sessions.

Accessibility in technology procurement and use

When: September 10
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: $200/person ($160 each for groups of two or more)

This workshop will guide participants through the ins and outs of including accessibility in discussions and processes around buying or using third-party technologies.

Virtual web accessibility training

When: September 11–12
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: $500/person ($400 each for groups of two or more)

This live, online training event will cover accessibility principles and techniques for web developers, developers, program managers, quality assurance experts, or anyone interested in gaining a deep understanding of web accessibility.

Customized Training

From one-hour presentations on the principles of web accessibility to two days of in-depth, comprehensive training, we can custom-build training to fit your needs and budget.

Onsite face-to-face training

Our in-depth onsite training sessions last one or two full days. Training fees are typically $5,000 plus travel expenses for a one day training with one trainer on site, or $12,000 plus travel expenses for a two-day training with two trainers on site (for US and Canada locations). We do not have a limit on the number of participants in the training. We would be happy to discuss pricing or customization of a training package with you.

Customized virtual training

Our onsite training provides the most comprehensive content and is the most effective way for your teams to become proficient in web accessibility. However, if your group is spread over a large geographical area or if you need training that is optimized for remote participation, WebAIM provides virtual training on web accessibility (HTML, JavaScript, ARIA, etc.) and electronic document accessibility (Word, PDF, Acrobat, etc.) topics.

Our virtual training is provided over Zoom by two expert trainers and typically lasts four hours a day, over two consecutive days—eight hours total. We will work with you to ensure the topics and structure are the best fit for your group's needs. The cost of a standard two-day virtual training is $5000.

Short, topic-specific virtual training is also available—ranging from a brief introduction to accessibility to in-depth training on specific topics, such as WCAG or ARIA.

Customized strategic accessibility workshop

WebAIM can provide customized workshops that focus on different levels of organizational strategy. Let us give your design, procurement, product management, project management, or digital transformation teams content that is tailored specifically to your their needs. For organizations that are ready to fully embrace the change needed to make accessibility an overall priority, WebAIM can provide the guidance needed to strategically implement accessibility system-wide.

Learn more about customizing strategic accessibility workshops

Training Topics

Web accessibility

Our web accessibility training packages are customized to the needs of every organization and can be tailored to developers or content creators. We commonly train on the accessibility of the following principles:

  • Principles of Web Accessibility
  • Web accessibility guidelines and laws - Section 508, WCAG 2, ADA, etc.
  • How users with disabilities access and use the web
  • HTML
  • JavaScript, ARIA, and HTML5
  • CSS
  • Captioning
  • Evaluating site accessibility
  • Using screen readers and other assistive technologies

Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) accessibility

Quickly get up-to-speed on creating accessible Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. Participants will practice evaluating and repairing common accessibility issues, as well as creating accessible documents from the start. Topics include:

  • Principles of document accessibility
  • Guidelines and laws (Section 508, WCAG 2, ADA, etc.)
  • Creating accessible documents in:
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel (optional)
  • Evaluating document accessibility
  • Exporting from Office to PDF
  • The structure of an accessible PDF
  • Evaluating and repairing a PDF in Acrobat Pro

This is a hands-on training—participants will need access to Microsoft Office and Acrobat Professional. This training can either be provided onsite over one day or virtually over two days (4 hours/day). A shorter document accessibility presentation or break-out session can also be added to a web accessibility training.

Strategic approaches to accessibility

Organizations can and should apply strategic thinking to their accessibility efforts. While organizations that integrate accessibility fully into their entire digital strategy will find the most success, the conversation can easily start at a smaller scale. WebAIM will tailor training for your organization or team that will help you to integrate accessibility into project planning and management, product management, technology procurement and acquisition, and overall organizational accessibility strategy. Topics include:

  • Injecting accessibility into your technology purchase and use decisions
  • Accounting for accessibility in wireframes, mockups, and other design artifacts and processes
  • Building content strategy that supports accessibility
  • Organization-wide accessibility policy creation and implementation
  • System change for accessibility

Online Document Accessibility Course

Since its launch in 2018, over 7000 participants have received online training through WebAIM's independent-study, video-based, document accessibility course. Accessible Documents: Word, PowerPoint, & Acrobat is delivered through the Canvas learning management system, and the course is available 24/7. New cohorts open each month, with self-enrollment available on our course listings page.

Conference Presentations and Keynotes

Throughout the year, WebAIM travels to several high-profile conferences. We usually present on a variety of topics, ranging from full-day pre-conference labs to hour-long lectures on any number of topics relating to web accessibility. Please see the list of upcoming activities on our homepage to see if WebAIM is presenting at a conference you are planning to attend.

Our accessibility experts are also available to provide keynotes or other motivational presentations on web accessibility.

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