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WebAIM Services

WebAIM offers complete web accessibility services. Regardless of the type or size of your web site, WebAIM can help ensure that your site is accessible and usable to those with disabilities. While we specialize in developing and retrofitting web content for accessibility, our accessibility approach is one that empowers our clients to maintain that accessibility into the future. Though we are a small team, we have years of experience in accessible web design and can work with you to make your site meet the highest levels of accessibility.

Our Goal

Our goal with all of our services is to educate and empower our clients to build and maintain their own accessibility.

Accessibility Training

Our training team has provided training to thousands of web administrators and developers at over a hundred educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses. We provide training here at WebAIM headquarters in Utah frequently, or we can we can customize a training package to fit your needs and provide it at your location. We provide the knowledge, resources, and tools for your organization to meet all of its accessibility goals. Our dynamic trainers provide a wealth of information and hands-on experience to training participants. Our training is primarily provided on-site, though we can provide brief webinar or teleconferencing training on specific web accessibility topics. We provide technical assistance beyond the training too, to ensure your new skills are implemented successfully.

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Accessible Site Certification

In conjunction with our other services, WebAIM will audit your site and provide you with the information you need to make it accessible. If our strict accessibility requirements are met, we can certify the accessibility of your site to a specific standard and if you want, will then monitor your site to ensure compliance over time. This service is perfect for organizations that want to state their accessibility in a meaningful way and want to ensure accessibility over time.

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Accessibility Evaluation and Reporting

If you would like to know where your site stands in regard to accessibility, we can provide reports to help you not only know what accessibility issues exist, but also how to fix them. If you have a dynamic, constantly changing site, our evaluation and reporting service can alert you to accessibility issues that may arise. And while we use the reporting mechanisms of the WAVE evaluation tool, our evaluation and reporting is done by a human - an accessibility expert who will not only provide an evaluation and report on true accessibility, but will do so in a useful way using modern tools and assistive technologies.

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Consulting & Technical Assistance

Whether you are developing an accessibility policy, implementing accessibility on your own site, or have questions about accessibility techniques, we can provide the support you need. Our expert staff can help you reach your accessibility goals, and we can usually provide these services at-a-distance. We can help you throughout the accessibility process, regardless of your status.

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