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How Accessible Is My Website?

If you're thinking about improving the accessibility of your website, the first step is to assess how accessible it is currently. WebAIM offers expertise and support every step of the way:

Accessibility Audits

Our team of accessibility specialists will do a deep-dive into a representative sample (usually around 8 to 15 individual pages or views) of your site or application.

We'll deliver a comprehensive report that provides an overview of WCAG conformance, lists the accessibility barriers we find, describes their impact on users, and recommends solutions for remediation.

Our reports are designed to be instructive; to empower teams to create and maintain accessible interfaces independently. Beyond mere "bug lists," our reports illustrate concepts and examples for your team to apply broadly throughout your website.

UX Design Evaluations

Identifying possible accessibility barriers early in design creates a smoother path to implementing an accessible product. Your design artifacts capture everything from interaction patterns to workflows and layout to color selection. WebAIM design evaluations can focus on something as granular as an individual component or as large as a multi-step process in a web application. We will annotate designs and mockups to highlight opportunities to make the final product more accessible.

Our UX and design evaluation will help you to account for accessibility before shipping a single line of code or HTML.


An Accessibility IMpact (AIM) report provides accessibility details for every page in your site. AIM leverages the same WAVE technology that has evaluated 100s of millions of webpages since 2001. Within five business days, you get:

  • Your site's AIM score - a measure of accessibility of your website.
  • A color-coded, sortable spreadsheet of all WAVE data for any number of site pages.
  • Manual accessibility test results provided by one of WebAIM's web accessibility experts.
  • Documentation for each data point so you can address site accessibility issues right away.

An AIM report is a great companion to an accessibility audit—accessibility data for your entire website along with detailed, expert guidance on a sample of site pages.

Technical Assistance

WebAIM is with you through the remediation process. When you need us, we're available for consultation via email, phone, Zoom—or even in person—to answer questions, provide examples, perform follow-up evaluations, and help demystify accessibility.

We can even customize a private training seminar for your team or strategic consultation to help your organization embrace inclusion and implement accessibility strategically.

Accessible Website Certification

Once all barriers have been resolved and verified, WebAIM can publish (at your option) an substantial conformance statement that is valid for two years (here's an example). There is no separate cost; the only cost is for the evaluation effort that leads to it.

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