Evaluation Services FAQ

To help ensure WebAIM most efficiently provide you with accessibility evaluation and certification services, the following FAQ can help you provide us with the optimal initial information.

When contacting WebAIM, what information should I provide?

The more detailed information you provide us upfront, the better we can respond to your inquiry. The following items are generally necessary for us to provide a proposal and price quote:

  • Where are you currently at in your accessibility efforts? Are you just beginning, is your site already highly accessible, or are you somewhere in between?
  • Are you able to edit or control the content you want evaluated? If not, a more cursory review might be optimal.
  • What specific pages, views, or site functions do you want to have evaluated. See Sample Size below.
  • Do you have specific accessibility requirements (e.g., WGAG 2.0 A/AA)?
  • Are you responding to a complaint or potential legal action?
  • Are you interested in other services, such as training, policy development/implementation, etc.?

What is an appropriate evaluation sample size?

We typically begin by evaluating a small sample of site pages that are representative of content and functionality. A sample size of 10-25 pages/views is typically sufficient for most web sites. The intent is for us to evaluate a sample that is adequate to provide you a meaningful and most cost-effective documentation on the accessibility issues found on the site, without reviewing or documenting the same accessibility issues repeatedly.

If you can provide a specific list of URLs that you would like evaluated, this will be most helpful to us in generating a proposal and pricing. You know your site best, so having you provide the URLs is typically better than us generating the sample. After reviewing your sample, we may recommend a broader or more narrow scope.

After the initial evaluation, we can be available to provide technical assistance, answer questions on report implementation, or conduct follow-up evaluation for certification at an hourly rate of $190/hour.

Can you provide a price quote or estimate?

Yes, but only if we are given access to the site or application in question. The cost of our evaluation and reporting services is based upon the size, complexity, and current accessibility of your web site, but is very reasonable priced. For most moderately-sized sites a detailed evaluation of a representative sample of pages and a report documenting issues will be priced in the $2000 - $6000 range.

What does a typical engagement look like?

We will first define the evaluation scope and sample, and will then provide a proposal and pricing. If this is acceptable to you, we will then provide a standard services agreement and statement of work. Our SOWs include an option for hourly consultation and re-evaluation after report delivery. Once signed, we put the site in our evaluation queue.

What is your turn-around time?

Delivery time for the evaluation report varies based on our workload and queue at the time an agreement is finalized.

Current Turn-Around Time

Our current turn-around time for initial evaluation reports is approximately 30 business days.

To inquire about WebAIM services, please provide detailed information in our online contact form.