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Re: Headings, WCAG, Google and Me


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Jan 25, 2007 2:20AM

Hi Rainer,

I think that you might be able to get the best of both, depending on
your pages set up.

The first example:

> <h1>Berlin News</h1>
> ...
> <h2>What happened Today</h2>
> <h3>Merkel meets Bush</h3>

Surely that would be the best way for a news index page? Then you would
have a specific news item page for 'Merkel':

<h1>Merkel meets Bush</h1>

I would also echo others about trying to adapt to an unknown and
changing Google algorithm, I'd rather keep the content logical. If they
are right about Google only looking at H1 & H2s, I would ensure that the
H1 is the main heading for that page's content, rather than 'spamming'
Google with two or more H1s.

Kind regards,


Alastair Campbell | Director of User Experience

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