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Re: address tag


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Feb 20, 2007 3:20AM

> Jukka K. Korpela

> > Even now, if you add microformats to an events listing, you
> can then add
> > a link to 'subscribe' (e.g. at the bottom of
> > http://ukwindsurfing.com/events/).
> I have no idea of what you mean by that, but the text at the bottom,
> "Apple iCal and Thunderbird users can subscribe",
> looks like discrimination, not accessibility.

Generally, I agree with Jukka...but this was one of the points where I had to give out an audible groan here in the office.
Discrimination? Granted, the wording could be a bit more general (considering that Vista users can also subscribe, as far as I know, with their new calendar widget thing) a la "Get the schedule of events in iCal format" with a note explaining that iCal can be read by applications such as Apple iCal, Thunderbird, etc...but this is certainly no grounds for calling him a witch...aeh...saying that this is discrimination. Users without iCal capable calendaring software can still get all the information by...visiting the page, or using some web to email service to get notification when something has changed. Hardly discrimination. Or is offering RSS/Atom feeds also discriminating against users without an RSS reader? *rolls eyes*