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Re: Microformats


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Feb 21, 2007 4:40AM

Alastair Campbell wrote:
> > I tried it last night and nothing happened but maybe I was doing
>> something wrong. What should happen when I click the
>> 'subscribe' link on Alastair's events page?
> I depends on your set up, at work (Win XP, FF & Outlook) I get a browser
> pop-up saying "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because
> the protocol (webcal) isn't associated with any program."

I got that when I tried at work (XP, FF & TB).

> It works fine with Thunderbird/Sunbird, but I don't have those installed
> anymore.

Oh... I have Thunderbird at work and at home. Do I need to have an
extension for it to work?

> At home (OSX, FF/Safari and iCal), it would open the calendar in iCal.
> I was hoping the same would happen with Vista, but I guess there is
> another hurdle there.

I'll try again tonight and this time I'll (try) to remember to write
down what happens and let you know. Does anyone else want to know what
happens? If not I'll contact Alastair off-list.
(I may just be doing something wrong: I only got my shiny new PC on
Monday (#Happy Birthday# to me...) so I'm still playing around with Vista.)