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Re: Well formed verses Valid code


From: Phil Teare
Date: Feb 26, 2007 3:40AM

> but does anyone know if things like un-encoded ampersands could cause an
> accessibility issue?

It was an issue for Talklets. I believe it is now fully fixed. So yes it can
cause issues, BUT this is an example of where its just as easy for the AT
devs to fix it. So it should be our job, not yours. IMHO.

The biggest remaining issue in that vein is mark-up and/or code/script being
read. In order to avoid nasty effects, its often best to strip most of it.
But if its malformed (or as is usually the case, partially formed), that
will play havoc with your RegEx, and bingo its bust again (doesn't read at
all - reads very unintelligibly).

So I'd ask (as an AT developer) that Web designers avoid mixing markup and
code with 'normal' text. Please :) e.g seperate out into another container
element and lable it 'Code'.

Is this a reg already?

Phil Teare,
Technical Director & Lead Developer,
http://www.talklets.com from Textic Ltd.
(44) [0] 77 68479904