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Re: Test dynamically generated web pages foraccessibilitywith Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Feb 27, 2007 8:30AM


Hate to nit-pick, but this crashes Firefox ( on install. I do have a lot of other extensions installed so this is probably a conflict with one of them. Will try and determine what's happening and will post what I find.

I hope I can get this to work. I have found that other automated tools of this kind give vague results that are not particularly helpful for pinpointing problems.


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Subject: [WebAIM] Test dynamically generated web pages for
accessibilitywith Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0

The Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0 is a free tool which has an
important NEW feature to test dynamically generated web resources (client
side javascripting to generate html content) for functional web
accessibility features.

Download a give it a try:

New Feature highlights in version 1.0
1. Improved menu and toolbar layout that is more consistent
with Illinois Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator (FAE)
reports and CITES/DRES Web Accessibility Best Practices to
implement Section 508 and W3C Web Content Accessibility

Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator

CITES/DRES Web Accessibility Best Practices

2. Test Dynamically generated web resources using the "FAE
Report" feature. It sends a snap shot of the current DOM
to FAE and returns a report to the user.


3. Links to other accessibility testing tools
WebAIM Wave
Cynthia Says

4. Compatible with Firefox 2.0