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Re: Test dynamically generated web pagesforaccessibilitywith Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Feb 27, 2007 9:10AM

It _is_ a conflict with another extension. Annoyingly, it's a conflict with an extension which is very useful - namely Google's Load Time Analyser: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/3371/. I had rather hoped that this would be a conflict with a fluff extension that I don't use very often, but as it is I use the load time gadget a few times a day, being a bit of a loading time obsessive.

I'll disable the load time analyser while I test this.


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foraccessibilitywith Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0

Please let us know what you find out about the crashing of FF 2.0, yours is
the first report I have heard.

You can try the Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator with out the
extension, it just will not test code generated by scripting.


Let us know what you think, we will have a new reporting interface for FAE
in about a month or so that will give much better feedback on design


On 2/27/07, Gareth Dart < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi,
> Hate to nit-pick, but this crashes Firefox ( on install. I do
> have a lot of other extensions installed so this is probably a conflict with
> one of them. Will try and determine what's happening and will post what I
> find.
> I hope I can get this to work. I have found that other automated tools of
> this kind give vague results that are not particularly helpful for
> pinpointing problems.
> G
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> [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]On Behalf Of Jon Gunderson
> Sent: Tuesday 27 February 2007 15:08
> To: WebAIM Discussion List
> Subject: [WebAIM] Test dynamically generated web pages for
> accessibilitywith Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0
> The Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0 is a free tool which has an
> important NEW feature to test dynamically generated web resources (client
> side javascripting to generate html content) for functional web
> accessibility features.
> Download a give it a try:
> http://firefox.cita.uiuc.edu<;
> https://ms1.express.cites.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/fetch.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffirefox.cita.uiuc.edu
> >
> New Feature highlights in version 1.0
> 1. Improved menu and toolbar layout that is more consistent
> with Illinois Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator (FAE)
> reports and CITES/DRES Web Accessibility Best Practices to
> implement Section 508 and W3C Web Content Accessibility
> Guidelines.
> Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator
> http://fae.cita.uiuc.edu<;
> https://ms1.express.cites.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/fetch.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffae.cita.uiuc.edu
> >
> CITES/DRES Web Accessibility Best Practices
> http://html.cita.uiuc.edu<;
> https://ms1.express.cites.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/fetch.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhtml.cita.uiuc.edu
> >
> 2. Test Dynamically generated web resources using the "FAE
> Report" feature. It sends a snap shot of the current DOM
> to FAE and returns a report to the user.
> http://firefox.cita.uiuc.edu/tools.php<;
> https://ms1.express.cites.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/fetch.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffirefox.cita.uiuc.edu%2Ftools.php
> >
> 3. Links to other accessibility testing tools
> WebAIM Wave
> Cynthia Says
> WebXact
> 4. Compatible with Firefox 2.0
> Jon