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Re: Hiding mailto: links


From: Jim Allan
Date: Feb 27, 2007 11:00AM

In general (there are always exceptions) screen readers run on top of (or
more appropriately, next to) applications (email or otherwise) in the
operating system. So...if a user is using a screen reader, you could assume
that they are using an accessible email client that works with their
assistive technology. The client may be a stand-alone application or a
web-mail client. Whether this email client is configured to be the default
email client in the browser is a different issue.

Mailto: is not like Flash or PDF.

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> But the mailto link brings up another thought in general, in terms of
> how accessible e-mail programs are? Does JAWS or other screen-readers
> run on top of Outlook or Eudora, or other e-mail programs? Is a
> mailto link in a way like a link to Flash content, or a PDF?