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Re: offshore development and accessibility


From: smithj7@peoplepc.com
Date: Feb 27, 2007 3:20PM

Thanks. Florida contracted with a US company that contracted with India.
The system was not and still is not 508 complenant.
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Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 7:47 PM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] offshore development and accessibility

> My company recently worked with a firm in India who claimed to have
> knowledge of Section 508 (among other things). After 8 months of trying to
> work with this firm, the company was finally dropped for lack of
> competency
> to meet the contract requirements. (There were specific legal designations
> for breach of contract, which I don't know, but basically they were let
> out
> of the contract for incompetency.)
> My experience with the firm is that they read the Section 508
> requirements,
> but their understanding went no further than that. They had no real
> understanding of what Section 508 required, on any level. The really
> didn't
> understand assistive devices or screen readers. You had to tell them
> explicitly what to do to implement the HTML. We finally decided we didn't
> need them, because we were doing all the work anyway.
> There may be firms in India who do understand Section 508, but my one
> experience was extremely disappointing. The company misrepresented itself
> to
> get the work, but couldn't deliver. The project mgr. staff kept twisting
> words to get us to accept work from them that was very below standard. If
> we
> wouldn't accept the work, they got angry and very pushy.
> My 2 cents.
> Laura
> On 2/26/07 6:35 PM, "Jennison Asuncion" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> wrote:
>> (*Apologies for the cross-posting.)
>> Hello,
>> I am interested in hearing from folks who would be willing to share
>> their experience and/or best practices when it comes to dealing with
>> offshore web development that includes accessibility requirements.
>> Feel free to respond off-list if you'd prefer.
>> Thanks,
>> Jennison