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Re: Automation? (was Label vs ALT tag on form elements)


From: Giorgio Brajnik
Date: Mar 23, 2007 9:30AM

I would suggest that a preliminary step towards such a system would be to
set up a website (perhaps a wiki) that would contain short descriptions of
all existing screen readers/magnifiers/speaking browsers and that would
allow visitors to compare different items. Similar to www.cmsmatrix.org.
To my knowledge (which is limited), such a thing is not available yet.
I think it is crucial to conceive such a repository so that everybody can
contribute. In my view this is the only way in which it can be kept updated.

A first step would be to collect data on the most common AT and define a
number of features to be used in comparisons.

Once such a repository is up and running, I don't think it would take long
to develop a modular system to crosscheck AT features/capabilities to

Best regards,

Giorgio Brajnik