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Re: Accessible Open Source CRM


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Apr 3, 2007 9:20AM

I can second the Joomla! recommendation. I'm currently re-doing our
very large website from old static HTML to a Joomla CMS, and we have a
firm, non-negotiable commitment to accessibility. Although I would not
go as far as to say that Joomla is accessible out of the box (especially
the administrator's interface), it's been relatively straightforward to
make it output accessible markup to W3C priority 1 level. Priority 2 is
something we'll be looking at once phase 1 goes to production and I
start fine-tuning the site, but so far that hasn't been a problem

Joomla's secure branch is currently at 1.0.12. Their 1.5 branch is
currently in beta, but this may have more accessible output by default:
I know they're trying to chop out a lot of table-based formatting that
currently blots their copybook and move toward a more 'divs-with-CSS'
oriented approach.

I've also heard good things about Drupal and Textpattern, although I
could not vouch for their accessibility. Many commercial CMSes have a
lot of proprietary features - one we trialled required IE6 and would
work on no other browser (and they wanted money for this - go figure) -
so I'd recommend that you go open source as this does not speak well of
their accessibility, to me.


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Is anybody using or do you know of a (preferably) open source CRM system
that is accessible?

Prefer open source so we can tailor it and prefer if it's PHP/MySQL as
these are our usual tools.

I've had a look at Sugar CRM but it looks rather large and complicated
for our needs and I'm not sure how acccessible it is.

We just need basic contacts, bring ups, and notes.

We are considering building but it feels like reinventing that round
rolling thing - albeit an accessible one!