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Re: good example of contrast widget?


From: tedd
Date: Apr 5, 2007 4:10PM

At 3:45 PM -0600 4/5/07, Jared Smith wrote:
>On 4/5/07, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
>> Why? We're worried about computer illiterate users, but trust them to
>> understand cryptic icons that compete with the rest of a page's layout
>> and design?
>This all reminds me of a graphic I created a while back -

You've hit upon another point and that is not all disabled persons
can recognize, or see, your icons. It's a complicated world trying to
accommodate everyone.

As far as web size is concerned, I leave it to the user to determine
what size they want via their own browser settings. One can certainly
develop a site that scales with user zoom levels, like I've shown
here: http://sperling.com/examples/zoom/ or even in an entire web
site such as I've done here: http://earthstones.com/,

As far a contrast and inverted, you certainly can change those via a
php style switcher and use a different css -- that's a pretty simple

As for your UofM icon, I would agree that it is a disability, but
those graduating from there might not agree. :-) Go Green!



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