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Subtitles in QuickTime with SMIL


From: Jorge Fernandes
Date: Apr 7, 2007 9:20AM


I'm doing some subtitling & Sign Languages tests with QuickTime Pro
7.1.5 and SMIL. With one language I don't have problem and everything
goes right.

The problem became when I tried to merge two or more subtitles
languages to the same movie. The option "View > Choose Language" of
Quicktime Player remain inactive although I defined two files of
subtitles: one for English and other to Portuguese. The smil code is
at URL below and also the results I'm getting.

I tried to follow the WebAIM tutorial but seems me that the new
versions of QuickTime player have new procedures to get things right.

This is the test page:
http://www.gesta.org/crid/crid_legendagem_en_pt.html .

I'll appreciate some help about it.

Thanks, Jorge Fernandes