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Re: JAWS & IE7


From: Sean Keegan
Date: Apr 12, 2007 2:10PM

> Also, I understand that JAWS and Firefox are now starting to play
> although I do not personally know of anyone using this configuration.
> Are there any issues?

I have been using JAWS 7.x and Firefox 2.00.3 to do some testing and for
basic Web pages, the functionality seems good. The JAWS navigation commands
seem to work, you can open/navigate/close tabs, complete forms, etc. I have
encountered some issues where JAWS does not correctly read the form or link
element when navigating the page, but this also seems to happen with IE 6.
Either tabbing/shift-tabbing or updating the screen seemed to fix this

One issue that is problematic is the rendering of MathML content by
screen-readers if using Firefox. Currently, the screen-readers (JAWS,
Supernova, Window-Eyes) and TextHelp's Read and Write Gold will read MathML
content via the MathPlayer plug-in with IE 6 and IE 7. However, MathML is
rendered as a font in Firefox and I have not had any success with assistive
technologies "reading" the math correctly.

Take care,