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Re: JAWS & IE7


From: Sandra Clark
Date: Apr 12, 2007 2:30PM

According to my understanding, the Flash Accessibility is an Adobe issue,
not Jaws. The information is provided to Jaws and Window-Eyes via an activeX
object. It only works in IE and not in Firefox.

Sandra Clark
Training and Consulting in CSS and Accessibility
Team Fusebox

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At home, I use both IE and FireFox with JAWS v8 currently--although I
was using them with JAWS v7 earlier.

I think the only problem I have noticed in the past that was significant
to me as a home user is the fact that Flash is (or at least was) not
accessible when using the combination of FireFox and JAWS. However, my
understanding was that it was a problem being worked on--and since I
could just revert to using IE, it wasn't a major problem for me.

In fact, as a screen reader user, I cannot say that I really like one
browser better than the other. The features I like to use in the
browser are available in both--for the most part using the same
keystrokes. I really only tend to have a preference on the browser when
I am developing at home. At that point, I probably like some of the
debugging features of FireFox a little better. However, whether it is
lack of knowledge or an accessibility problem with the interface, those
features don't work as easily as I wish they would.

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>Subject: [WebAIM] JAWS & IE7
>I know that when IE7 initially rolled out (via Microsoft's
>automatic update) that JAWS users were specifically cautioned
>against upgrading due to known issues. Since that time, I've
>not heard whether or not it is now safe to upgrade to IE7
>(despite the ongoing issues that IE7 present to developers).
>Also, I understand that JAWS and Firefox are now starting to
>play together, although I do not personally know of anyone
>using this configuration. Are there any issues?
>Thanks in advance.