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Re: Focus for error messages


From: Karl Groves
Date: Apr 19, 2007 7:20AM

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> Spruill Kevin wrote:
> > if the error message is passed over by the auto focus, it
> really isn't
> > being presented to the screenreader users.
> Its really important that error messages are visible to
> screen reader users (indeed all users), as and when they
> occur. How this is done would be useful point for discussion
> on the list. I have seen many systems where the error message
> is just not given focus and the user is often unaware that
> anything is wrong until of course when they can no-longer
> continue with what they are trying to do.
> It think this aspect is often a serious flaw in otherwise
> good web interfaces/applications.

You're right, I think this would make a good discussion for this list. As
you state, most methods of displaying errors "as they occur" are pretty much
useless and likely prone to massive accessibility problems.

Does anyone have any good examples of methods to supply error messages as
they occur that are accessible?

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