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Re: Focus for error messages


From: tedd
Date: Apr 20, 2007 10:30AM

At 9:57 AM +0100 4/20/07, Joshue O Connor wrote:
>tedd wrote:
>>> Is a javascript solution using pop-ups OK, or not?
>Good question. What are others think about this approach, issues of
>support for JS notwithstanding? My feeling is that it is not _always_
>ideal. The error message will receive focus but there is potential for
>the user to also miss it while concentrating on other JAWS output. You
>should test it if you are a proficient using screen reader user (or user
>test) and see if it works smoothly in each particular situation. I tend
>to like the idea of having the errors as a list of links either above
>the form itself or over the missed or incorrect form field. Each
>situation can of course require a different approach so in some
>situations the pop up may be OK.
>> I don't know how JAWS works with pop-ups.
>JAWS will see the pop up but again there is potential for it to be
>missed as with any reader using the OSM the user is often interacting
>with a virtualized page and not the page proper.
>> a "behind the scenes evaluation" of the data entered can certainly
>>be done with php which could generate a window telling the user
>>what was wrong.
>Even with one window it could get messy as the user may not know how to
>get back to the main page. You could force focus for the window using JS
>on each error instance but I guess it may be better to present the error
>message near where the error occurs.


The only problem I have in attempting to solve problems like this is
that I don't have direct access to JAWS -- I can only guess at what
happens. So, I'm blind in a different manner.

However, I am positive that if I could fully understand what's
needed, then I could create a solution and I am certainly not alone
-- these are simple problems with simple solutions.


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