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Re: WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 25, Issue 12


From: tedd
Date: Apr 22, 2007 7:20AM

At 9:03 AM -0400 4/21/07, smithj7 wrote:
>I know that the makers of JAWS, for instance, are constantly updating to
>keep up with technology. I heard the new version of JAWS is addressing
>issues with DOM.
>I see the problem being at least twofold: high cost of speech access
>software ...

I don't really see that. There are free speech-software routines available.

A few years ago I wrote a "blind browser" for the Mac. You simply
gave it a url and it would speak the text it found after ripping out
all the html. If one man can do this in a short time, then I don't
really see the problems/expense people have with using speech

The problems with screen readers is reading the screen and organizing
the content in a way that means something. That seems to me to be a
hard way to go about all of this. I still think that the content of a
web site can be found in the text it contains and not the image it
projects, but much sharper minds than mine are at work here.



PS: What's with the subject line here anyway?
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