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From: zara
Date: Apr 25, 2007 7:20AM

Hi all,

I am looking for information on any accessibility issues there might be with regards to the wiki developed by Stikipad[1].

We are developing a local project that would encourage and rely on community input. Accessibility and usability are important concerns to the group.

I have been told by a Stikipad person that while they offer three different mark-up engines, we should probably use Textile[2], which I find a bit less intuitive than wysiwyg but that I think we could probably use well if we give clear instructions to users. My main concern is that they mention on their site that they utilise AJAX technologies to increase usability within the StikiPad interface. Unfortuntely, I am unfamiliar with this wiki and examples[3] I have seen do not make it clear how this is used. I am awaiting news from the stikipad person but I wondered if anyone has had experience with stikipad and knows of any issues I should consider ?

Best regards,


[1] The Stikipad site:


[2] The reference site for Textile:


[3] An example of Stikpad in use is at Open Cities:


Catherine Roy