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Re: Are Tag Clouds Accessible


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Apr 29, 2007 10:30AM

Emma Duke-Williams wrote:

> In part, I think that it depends on how it's done. I saw one tag cloud
> (I've forgotten where, sorry) recently, where it had the number of
> hits in brackets after the link. It seemed that everything from 1-100
> was the same size, the next size 101-200 etc.
> So, though there was some value from the link size, there was also a
> lot more from the actual numbers.

Of course in those situations I'd completely agree that having something
like a "sort by popularity" option would be more than sufficient. The
main point of the discussion so far has been (from what I inferred,
anyway) about links that do NOT show numbers (visually, or in markup)

Patrick H. Lauke