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IBM Home Page Reader


From: Paul Bohman
Date: Feb 13, 2001 3:56PM

For those who may not be aware, IBM has released the latest version of their
voice-output web browser, Home Page Reader. I downloaded a copy last week
and was quite impressed. It is a huge improvement over their last version.
The current version uses Internet Explorer, rather than Netscape, and the
interface is much more simplified. The previous version required Home Page
Reader and Netscape to be open at the same time. The current version is
integrated with Internet Explorer in one seamless interface.
They have added a few features, such as the ability to hear when a heading
is being read, so you can now distinguish between headings and regular text
(I don't think this was in the previous version) and the user can set
preferences for certain sounds to go off when reading links, and more. It
even reads in several different languages!
For those who don't think that they can afford JAWS to verify the
screen-worthiness of their pages (its $900 or so price tag can be
prohibitive), Home Page Reader is definitely a viable alternative. It costs
$129-$149 for the first license (depending on whether you order the CD or
download it) and $79 for additional licenses.
Here is the link on IBM's site for more information: