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Re: WordPress Editor for Low Vision User


From: Wayne Dick
Date: May 17, 2007 10:50AM

Well, here goes.

These styles were just made for me. I thought the world would pass me
up quickly so I didn't distribute them. They are 2 part: deconstruction
and re-style. The deconstruction returns the page to HTML 4 default.
The re-style adds my preferences.

Originally, I tried to stick to the author's style with as little
intervention as possible. They one day I realized that I live in a
different world, and normal typography doesn't work for me. I realized
that fully sighted authors cannot understand the reality of reading with
modified print. For example, why zoom everything by the same factor? I
actually make headings a little smaller. Their main use is navigation.

Anyway I'm attaching my Firefox userContent.css. The easiest way to see
it work is to use the Illinois Accessibility Toolbar and set the user
style sheet to this style. You can also place it in the Firefox Chrome
folder, but that is only if you want it to be your default style - my
personal choice, but not advised for fully sighted.

I have written about the sheet in a little web site of mine on IT
Accessibility. The whole article might wear you out, but the example
explains the main typography of the style sheet.

I haven't written a UI to customize style sheets for each user. That is
needed. The style sheet doesn't work best for legally blind. The
optimal crowd is low vision with visual acuity worse than 20/60 and
better than 20/200.

Somethings don't work well. If a layout table has a lot of columns it
won't fit on the screen. My compromise is that the columns do fit. So,
reading of a column does not need horizontal scrolling, but changing
columns does. Some Java Script come out very bizarre. Page down
doesn't always work in Firefox. You have to be pointing at non-link
text to get the page down key to work. That is a Firefox performance
problem, but its a big deal in large print.


Wayne Dick PhD
Chair Computer Engineering and Computer Science
California State University, Long Beach
Academic Technology Accessibility Coordinator
California State University System