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Re: Installing JAWs on Parallels


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: May 30, 2007 8:50AM

Joshue wrote:
> I have to do my testing twice or get a second opinion as I noticed
> discrepancies between the output that I was getting and other
> colleagues using the same version of JAWS on their PC (particularly
when using form
> controls).

Damn, that's a shame. It isn't much use if you can't trust the results.
However, you did get much further than I did.

> BTW I managed to install version 8 of JAWS but still have the driver
> problem, but I didn't have the problem with it crashing my
> VM, (maybe if you increase the partition size?).

I've given it a 30GB partition, although I don't want to install
bootcamp, so it is an expandable parallels disk image.

To be exact, the VM didn't crash as such, but when it restarts after the
install it just loads to a blank, black screen. No audio either.

Thanks for the response, I guess I will need a PC for some things after
all :-(

It's such a shame, it was the smoothest Windows install I'd ever had!

Kind regards,


Alastair Campbell | Director of User Experience

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