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Re: Accessible professional video conferencing software, does it exist?


From: shawn klein
Date: Jun 23, 2007 5:00PM

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote back. You guys
are great! I posted the same querie moments before I
posted here, to the yahoogroup Blindtech, the main
"Windows Help" and access tech discussion list for the
blind community, with over 1000 members, and not a
peep, lol. This is an awesome list, and I tell every
web designer I come in contact with who has any
interest at all in accessibility, about the list. I
recommend webaim.org to everyone interested in how I
navigate the net.
"Andrew Kirkpatrick" Wrote:
"documents can be shared visually with these tools,
but you won't have
access to the document unlesss they also email it to
Really? When I was looking at the site for Via3 I saw
that you can have a copy of a document in a central
location and anyone in the conference can edit it at
leisure. Not sure if that works through funcionality
of word or not. Are you saying that such a document
wouldn't be accessible? I'll check out the Adobe
solution too, and will certainly throw questions your
Lisa, I'll let you know what we find, and if I can
help you and your client with anything let me know.