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Re: accessibility and podcasting


From: Emma Duke-Williams
Date: Jun 29, 2007 6:40AM

On 29/06/07, Patrick Lauke < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
Tim wrote:
> > I started looking into podcast transcription services. The most
> > intriguing one I found was a site called Casting Words. It uses
> > Amazon's Mechanical Turk API to farm out the task of transcribing the
> > audio content."
> I've used them three times in the past. The quality of the transcript varies, even in different sections of the same transcript. And as soon as you use any kind of jargon etc, the error rate is very high in most cases. Be prepared to do a LOT of proofing and amending once you get the initial transcript back.

The other concern I have, and this would be particularly if you are
looking at the pod cast creators (I'm currently thinking about
students and learning environments) - if they have, say, chosen a pod
cast because they're dyslexic, and so find it a much easier way to
contribute to a class discussion, whose responsibility is it to do
that proofing & amending?

In many ways, podcasts are very useful for students - especially if
you happen to know in a particular cohort that you have several
dyslexic students, and no hearing impaired students - then an audio
discussion board might make good sense - but, the transcripts - which
are useful for searching (and anyone who can't hear for whatever
reason), need creating - and who has to do them?

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