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Re: Automated Checking of PDF Documents?


From: smithj7
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:30PM

The read out loud feature isn't an effective test of the level of
accessiblity. We often test with speech. The AT (JAWS for example) is
reading a different layer of the Adobe document than the read out loud
feature. (there is what you see, the tag level, and the content level)

Note I use both the accessiblity checker for Adobe 7 and Adobe 8 - 8
ALWAYS indicates a problem if I select the 508 aspect of the checker. I
also have been introduced to Netentric. We are purchasing two licenses.

An inherent adobe feature I discovered is the check box with forms. In
html there are radio buttons. In Adobe radio buttons seem to only read
the RANGE, can't find a way to have it read individual (e.g. reads
"colors" for each item rather than red, blue, pink). So one must use a
check box... Meaning more than one can be checked, following rules.

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Hi everyone,

Do any of the automated testing tools check PDF files?

Or is the Adobe "Read Out Loud" command a simple & effective test of
the level of accessibility? (This would also give some feedback on
forms & tables, at least to someone who knew what they were listening

Then there's always the Jaws demo & the "This document appears to be
empty" test. ...

We have a lot of non-technical people generating PDFs, so I'm looking
for any quick & reasonably good test they can run to get some
verification that they're using the creation tools correctly. Thanks
much for any thoughts,

Patrick (This brain appears to be empty.)

Patrick J. Burke

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