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Re: separate play/pause buttons for accessible flash videoplayers?


From: smithj7
Date: Jul 12, 2007 7:20PM

Michael Stenitzer,
I would like start doing some usability studies consisting of persons
who are blind and users of assistive technology. I don't work with
flash. Could you make a simple flash video with the toggle and then the
same one with separate buttons and let me put it on my site and get
comments from users.

It appears for this test we would include speech users. I'm not sure if
visually (cognitive or low vision disablities) would be effected.


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hi everyone,

does anybody know, if it is an advantage from the accessibility
perspective to separate the play and pause buttons for a flash video
player instead of toggling the function?

i thought it might be confusing for the user to have a changing function
on a single button. otherwise it's pretty standard to combine these two
functions and i might label the button instantly with "play / pause"
instead of changing the label with the image.

side question: i've heared about and experienced a problem in firefox to
access flash buttons in a web page with the keyboard. is there any trick
to make that possible?

thanx in advance, michael

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