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Re: How does blind users access graphical information as charts (flowcharts, organisation chart)


From: Keith Parks
Date: Sep 7, 2007 9:50AM

On Sep 7, 2007, at 7:59 AM, Lydia De wrote:

> Does anyone can guide me. I am new in this mailing list and have
> few questions and hope to find some answers with you.
> How does blind user access graphical information like flow
> charts, organisation charts?

One option to consider is to create your org chart or flow chart as
html rather than a graphic.

Here's one I built for our division a couple of years ago...


It has a table for the basic structure, but uses a hierarchy of <h>
levels and linearizes pretty well I think. I'm convinced the same
thing could be done with a series of nested lists and CSS. (one of
these days. ;^)

Anyhow, depending on your specific organization or "flow", it might
be something to try.



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