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iPhone with screen CSS support?


From: Jorge Fernandes
Date: Sep 15, 2007 9:10AM


Recently I put this question "Why doesn’t Safari support the handheld
CSS media type in iPhone?" in a Portuguese forum. The answers was a
little agressive and seems me that I broke a leg to the "handheld"
iPhone. Seems me that call "handheld" to an iPhone is offending it...

I decided to put the question at Google search and, curiously I found
that I'm not isolated, but almost:

Said Joe Clark:

"There’s no need for user-agent sniffing, a debased practice from the
1990s. Why doesn’t Safari support the handheld CSS media type?"

Did you think that someday Steve Jobs will write a letter to iPhone
Clients with the issue: "Why iPhone changed from screen to handheld
CSS support."?

I'll appreciate your comments.

Jorge Fernandes

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