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Re: External Link Icons


From: Peter Krantz
Date: Sep 28, 2007 7:20AM

On 9/28/07, Karl Groves < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> The two sites could look completely different and it
> still wouldn't matter.

> On the upside, once they follow one of those
> specially marked links, they will immediately learn and remember what that
> link means.

How can a tiny icon make the user aware of an external link when you
say that they don't get it even if the site looks completely

How will a visually impaired user get the same information?

I guess the first step is to decide how important it is to make sure
the user is notified of a new site. A technical solution to the
problem (speed bump pages, icons etc) has to be compared to the
nuisance it may create for other users (extra time to navigate to the
page, risk of bookmarking the speed bump page, search engines etc).

I agree on your user centered approach. But, maybe this should be a
browser feature rather than everyone implementing their own particular
solution to the percieved problem?