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Re: Accessibility statement undergoing maintenance


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Oct 25, 2007 8:30AM

The group has no control over the blackboard website. Our goal is to educate blackboard on accessibility issues of their technologies and services, and to provide solution strategies for them.

To support these efforts I encourage people to send accessibility comments directly to them. Too often accessibility related comments circulate on listservs and blogs but never get to the company.

I also encourage people to join and participate in the working group, as you can tell there is much work to do and few hands to address the issues. If the only thing you have the time to do is add your name and organization to the listserv, it is another indication to the company the number of people who care about accessibility.


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>>More information at:
>> Of late the accessibility link on BB's sites has undergone one more
>> >> transformation - see
>> >> http://www.blackboard.com/company/accessibility.aspx
>Not meaning to nit-pick, but if these links are supposed to be
>Accessibility concerned sites, shouldn't they first take the time to
>w3c validate and also check what their pages look like and how they
>work in other browsers? Try reviewing the second link in FF for the
>Mac -- even the able bodied would have difficulty with that.
>What am I not getting here?
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