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DJVU All Over Again?


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Oct 29, 2007 4:10PM

Hi All,

Has anyone worked with/on screen reader access to DJVU files? I have
found scattered references (an email from 2004, link to a 2006
article that has moved, etc.), but nothing currently on the
accessibility of this format.

It sounds very promising, offering Kurzweil-esque scanned image
viewing with full OCR in the background. Also apparently there are
tools to add text description tags to map data.

The main site is djvu.org, but most of what I find there are various
viewers & creation tools (including the DJVU-OCR program, with
instruction pages in Russian).

Any info on this topic would be much appreciated.


Patrick J. Burke

UCLA Disabilities &
Computing Program

Phone: 310 206-6004
E-mail: burke <at> ucla. edu