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Re: Layout Stability


From: Rahul Gonsalves
Date: Nov 6, 2007 11:10PM

On 06-Nov-07, at 4:57 PM, DAVOUD TOHIDY wrote:

> I have done some SEO for my portfolio and there are more than 70
> combination of keywords which my portfolio will rank from number
> one to number 10 (mostly 1 to 5) on the first page of google. Some
> of the keywords are as below which my portfolio stands number one
> on google :
> "css coder" "online portfolio" "xhtml coder" "online portfolio"
> "xhtml freelancer" "online portfolio" "xhtml coder" wcag "css
> coder" "readability" "cross-browser " "css freelancer" "cross-
> platform " "css coder"

I'm not sure what relevance this has to the WebAIM list, but I was
unable to find your web-page using the search terms that you provided.

- Rahul.