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Re: Screen reader question


From: Vlad Alexander (XStandard)
Date: Dec 12, 2007 6:00PM

Thanks everyone.

> I'm assuming that this relates to the way the XStandard plugin,
> when viewing/editing content, passes information back to the
> screenreader's API.

> How about full stops or semicolons instead of commas?
No affect. We tried periods, extra spaces, semicolons and even parentheses. Window-Eyes tech support even suggested trying exclamation marks but that had no affect either.

> Is this text displayed on screen or is it hidden
> (off-screen perhaps) so that only screen readers see it?
Hidden. Think of an authoring tool like Microsoft Word. When the cursor enters the table for the first time, the screen reader would speak this:

"Data table: 1, rows: 5, columns: 3, row: 1, column: 1"