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Re: Screen reader question


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Dec 13, 2007 5:20AM

<EMAIL REMOVED> wrote on :

> Jared is right and its an important point. If some element of
> a page (a
> table etc) has been marked up correctly then the screen
> reader user can
> tap into features already existing in their AT to interrogate the
> element.


> If XStandard are putting in some kind of "see what your
> content will be
> like to a screen reader user" feature and this will be useful, don't
> worry *too* much about trying to simulate perfect output as it's not
> perfect for the existing AT :-)

Just to reiterate (at least from what I understood Vlad's request to be): this isn't about content in an existing HTML page, or offering a simulation feature...it's about the actual XStandard interface sending information of its content/editing area to screenreaders via MSAA (I'm assuming), so that screenreader users can work with the XStandard plugin directly.