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Older Browser Emulators online[was] Re: Accessibility Observations 2


From: Holly Marie
Date: Feb 27, 2002 7:20PM

Accessibility Observations 2From: John Foliot - bytown internet

>There are still versions of Netscape 2 out there... do you code to them
as well?

I think any page with clean code, without tables and no frames will open
up fine in any older browser, too.
I think that is also one of the features of coding this way.

There are a couple of things that can be done or tried here, also.

That page I coded up today in XHTML strict and CSS 2 actually backward
degrades and displays content fine on a NN1.0 Browser.

[1]Browser emulators online at Deja Vu -- the web as we remember it
You can see other pages from those times, or even load your own pages
through one of these older browsers.

URL : http://www.dejavu.org
Cern line-mode browser 1[1990 to 1992]before wide use of hyperlinks?
NCSA Mosaic [1993 model]
Mosaic Netscape 0.9b [1994]
Netscape Navigator 1.0 [1995]
lynx various versions - http://www.trill-home.com/lynx/public_lynx.html
Internet Explorer 2.0 [1995]
Hot Java[1995]

[2]HTML version emulators, Text Purity(text only) and Web TV emulator
Check your pages against Text only, or
HTML2.0(RFC 1866) no tables were used
HTML2.0 + Tables(RFC 1866+1942)
HTML 3.2
HTML4.0 Transitional
HTML4.0 Strict
webTV1.1(make sure to resize your browser to the template)

[3]See if your machine will Download and install older browsers *check
to see if it is ok*
[*note* works for almost every browser except MS IE which only allows
one serving per machine, unless you are running an extra under version
of windows]
They have quite a collection of old and newer browsers.

Evolt appears to also has a copy of pwSpeak available for downlaod.


I happened upon DeJa Vu internet history while in a class at college 4
or so years ago, and thought it was neat. For fun read some of the older
history of the internet and really the Internet is not that old, but
things sure have changed in its short time. I ran the current guideline
page I coded [ http://www.qexo.com/access.html ] through a lot of older
browsers, and because there are no tables or frames, they presented well
in all, even with the css and xhtml code. The pages even presented in
the very old line mode browser, however there were or are no links in
that model.

Your mention of the NN2 browser had me thinking about this site that had
the old emulators online, and it is still there and working. I did check
it earlier today against HTML3x versions and older and it was fine there


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