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Re: Tags to Represent Questions


From: Robinson, Norman B
Date: Jan 9, 2008 4:40PM

Standard markup HTML with simple language usually works the best for my
screen reader. Is there a reason you desire a "question" tag? It doesn't
sound like you are using forms - are you?

If you have a lot of content then either break it up into multiple pages
or provide an index to the questions.


Norman B. Robinson

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Subject: [WebAIM] Tags to Represent Questions

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if my question sounds a little basic but I need to figure out what
the best way in building accessible FAQ pages.

I'm trying to find a best way to tag the question and answer that can be
understood by the screen readers. At first I thought about using the
<p> tag for both questions and answers. But then I thought the
questions are not really a paragraph but perhaps there is something that
can represent the question better than using the <p> tags. Is there a
better way to represent the question to inform the screen reader that a
question is between the tags? Many thanks for any information.

Take care,
Randy Pope