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Re: Tags to Represent Questions


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Jan 10, 2008 6:50AM

The definition list provides the closest semantically correct method of
marking up an FAQ list, although if you really want to split hairs you
may argue the point. Headings are definitely improper semantic markup.
Screen readers, (JAWS and Window Eyes) do not provide any special
support for definition lists, you can't navigate from one question to
the next. Headings would allow you to navigate by question but would
not significantly improve navigation through large lists of questions.
I would recommend grouping the questions into manageable sections,
marking them up as a definition list, and separating the sections with
meaningful headings. This will provide the best support to everyone.

Mike Moore

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I'd suggest using headings:

<h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>


<div id="faq1">
<h2>Is this the best way to handle a frequently asked question?</h2>
<p>Perhaps.</p> </div>

AFAIK all current screen reader releases allow users to skip from
heading to heading. I'm not aware of a screen reader that allows users
to skip easily from DT element to DT element.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis