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Re: Making HTML text invisible to screen readers.


From: Andy Mabbett
Date: Jan 10, 2008 12:40PM

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s>, "Austin, Darrel" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > writes

>Normally, when putting images on a web page, one sets the alt attribute
>to blank for any decorative/non-content related image.
>I have a situation where we're placing a random, decorative image on
>our site's banner, along with a caption.
>This is purely decorative (it randomly shows a picture of one of our
>buildings with the name of the building). Because it's decorative, I'm
>just putting it as a background image in an empty DIV. However, the
>caption is text based, so has to be part of the HTML markup. Short of
>having someone render all the captions as text, is there any method to
>mark this as 'not important' for a screen reader?

[belated response]

Purists might wince, but you could make images of the text, a use null
alt attributes on them also.

Or why not superimpose caption on the images?

Andy Mabbett
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