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Re: JAWS Screen Reader and detection of tables as layout or data


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jan 23, 2008 8:40AM


At the risk of pointing out the obvious:

1. Designing for screen-reader specific capabilities is not advisable


2. I wouldn't bank on the idea that very many JFW users will have an
idea of how to do this. If you had a hard time figuring it out, most
users will, too, if they even bother to try.

Shall I emphasize how much layout tables, with summaries that inform
me that they ARE layout tables, annoy me? Why, as a general user,
would I care, much less even know, what a layout table is?

I do certainly care about what a data table is, and summaries that
orient me, in advance, are handy, indeed.

Hopefully . . . uh, you can avoid using layout tables.